Sumatra Lintong Raja Batak Honey

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An Arabica coffee produced in the north of the island: Raja Batak means “King of the Batak”, the ethnic group which inhabits the area. The fruit is crushed immediately after harvesting to extract the coffee beans, which are conserved in water, still covered in their mucilage, for one day. The beans are then washed and partially dried, and this semi-dry state gives the coffee its famous blue-green appearance. SCAE 2014 Award

Production method: semi-wet method

Notes on flavour: strong aromas, notes of herbs, sweet hints of caramel and cereal fragrances. It has a robust body and is syrupy on the palate with touches of berries and dark chocolate.

Pack: jute bag produced in Vercelli

Weight 250-500-1000 g
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