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A special coffee for women with a special energy: Fuocorosa, the coffee that supports the Dragonette association. Dragonettes are women affected by breast cancer. Women who have fought the disease, who have not given up; women with a fiery warmth and energy, ready for new challenges and open to transformations. The 27 women of the “Manos de Mujer” Cooperative have cultivated 13 hectares of the choice Bourbon, Caturra and Catuai coffee varieties at an altitude of 1750 metres since 2014. Skilfully roasted by Alpina Torrefazione, their coffee becomes Fuocorosa.

Altitude: 1750

A proportion of Fuocorosa: revenues will be donated to cancer research.

Flavour: flavour of wild strawberries and sweet peaches, aftertaste with subtle hints of chocolate and juniper berries.

Weight 250-500-1000 g
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